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So, with that out of the way, let's move on to the fun stuff.  This site will eventually contain all information about the cars, events, and tracks available in RR3.  And, by creating a user account, you will be able to keep track of your own fleet of cars as well as your progress through the game.

MyRealRacing is, at this point, still very much a work in-progress, so please keep that in mind as you navigate through the site.  In the weeks ahead, with the help of the RR2/RR3 community (read more below), we will continue to add content and features, as well as tidying up the pages a bit.

We hope you enjoy being a part of the community, sharing your experiences in the fascinating world of mobile racing simulators.


How to: Private Groups (Teams)


The Private Groups feature of MRR, also called Teams, essentially allows members to host and participate in private forums.  The term "Team" doesn't really mean each group has to be a team of drivers competing with other teams.  It's just a racing-related term we are using instead of "Groups".

MRR Livery Contest Winner

Designed by: BMW-Indy

Custom Livery Competition Winner - November 2014

Theme:  Let's Go Retro
Design:  Pong
  Artist:  Primus

Custom Livery Competition Winner - October 2014

Theme:  Extraterrestrial
Design:  Alien
  Artist:  WastedHate

Custom Livery Competition Winner - September 2014

Theme:  Your Country
Design:  Brandenburg Gate
  Artist:  Primus

Custom Livery Competition Winner - August 2014

Theme:  Music
Design:  Dark Side of the Moon
  Artist:  colo_artist

Action Shot Contest Winner - 29 June 2014

...by colo_artist

Action Shot Contest Winner - 15 June 2014

...by 762s

Action Shot Contest Winner - 08 June 2014

...by debugamez

Action Shot Contest Winner - 01 June 2014

...by ExTexan

Action Shot Contest Winner - 25 May 2014

...by 914 GT

Action Shot Contest Winner - 18 May 2014

...by SLC Stig

Action Shot Contest Winner - 11 May 2014

...by SLC Stig

Action Shot Contest Winner - 04-May-2014

...by Matt.Vargo


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