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Custom Livery Competition Winner - February 2015

Theme:  Day
Design:  Road Trip
  Artist:  colo_artist

Custom Livery Competition Winner - January 2015

Theme:  Night
Design:  Dark Knight
  Artist:  Blirbis

2014 CLC Livery of the Year

Design:  Alien
  Artist:  WastedHate

Custom Livery Competition Winner - December 2014

Theme:  Winter
Design:  The Grinch
  Artist:  The Living End

MRR Livery Contest Winner

Designed by: BMW-Indy

Custom Livery Competition Winner - November 2014

Theme:  Let's Go Retro
Design:  Pong
  Artist:  Primus

Custom Livery Competition Winner - October 2014

Theme:  Extraterrestrial
Design:  Alien
  Artist:  WastedHate

Custom Livery Competition Winner - September 2014

Theme:  Your Country
Design:  Brandenburg Gate
  Artist:  Primus


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